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Everything happens at a breakneck pace and we no longer have time to waste, we want to know and absorb everything that a destination has in store for us. It is this perception that makes Urban Lodge a different concept.

During the time you spend here, we want to help you find the true culture of Lisbon. And this one, may well be represented by our artists.

Come in, if you like what you see, keep in mind that our art collection is to be shared, because although it may look good in our rooms, we know that one day there may be a better place to go. You will also realize that we make sure that everything is practical for you.

Getting in and out is very easy, and is at a distance from a touch screen that we keep in your room. We certainly don't want to be the obstacle in your way after long days and nights in our city.

To make every second count, we have a personalized agenda at your disposal, to find out what is worth knowing around the corner. (#aroundthecorner). Trust us, you will not regret it.

Come and find out a little more about what we have for you!


This project is the result of the dream of two friends who were really committed to doing something for their country and especially for their city, Lisbon. We have followed the growth of our city since the beginning, day after day.

With it we also grew and idealized a future, here, where it really comes to life. Not only on the street, where we met, but in the new spaces that today have revitalized it.

We took advantage of some opportunities and with work, we were creating part of the best spots in the city, whether they were bars, kiosks or restaurants. A sense of commitment was born in us.

Knowing that those who visited us, lost much of what really characterizes us, the life of Lisbon. Our aim was thus to provide a different experience to all those who share our lifestyle.

And for us, getting to know the culture and local life should be a priority and we wanted to make it as easy as possible. Therefore, art, music and the genuine way we approach life are what gives Esqina its identity and what distinguishes the experience we seek to provide.

Around any corner, you can find something different, something new, but above all true.
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