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Esqina Urban LodgeEsqina Urban Lodge

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Where the restless go for a rest

We have no time to waste. Neither do you. This understanding is what makes the Urban Lodge so different. Whilst within, you will find an extension of Lisbon's experience, as we invited a handful of the city's creative and artistic minds to share some of their unique work and insights.

And if you like what you see, please note that our collection is for the taken. We think it looks pretty cool on the rooms, but we know that someday they have better places to go to.

You will also find that we are a practical bunch. You can get in and out with ease and at a touch of digital screen, and there won't anyone getting in your way after a long day and hard night in town.                         

And to make every second count out there on the streets, we have a bespoke agenda for you to know what exactly is happening #aroundthecorner and worth taking a look. Trust us, you'll have fun.

Come check this out and find bit more.


This project was born from the shared dream of couple of guys that were truly overwhelmed with their country, and specially the city of Lisbon. We saw this city boom the last few years, but long before we were already part of its day-to-day. Our life evolved around friends and a number of special places in Lisbon.

By chance, and a lot of hard work, we eventually started to make part of the city's go to spots. Before we ventured into the hotel business we ran bars, quiosques and restaurants.

With this experience we grew a sense of responsibility and affection towards those visiting us. We knew there were a lot of people, who shared a common lifestyle, coming to Lisbon and missing out on what was really happening.

And so, for us, the goal was to change their experience in Lisbon or any place we truly new about.For people to access the culture and local living in a simple and authentic way become our purpose.

And with the same fascination for creative expression that has guided the way we live, it also had to guide the way we do business. Hence, art, music and a genuine approach to life are at the core of Esqina's identity and are the essence of the experience we want to provide.

At every Esqina or just around the corner you will find something different, something new and something true.


Comfortable and cozy. No common areas.

Our rooms offer you all the confort you can have. Lisbon does the rest concerning facilities.

For BREAKFAST, the best pastry in town is in our ground floor - "PAU DE CANELA"

For DRINKS, our friends from RIBEIRA DAS NAUS will host you in one of the greatest riverside spot in Lisbon.

For FOOD, our team will suggest and book you our favourite restaurants for you to go wild!

Enjoy life!



Best events in town!

Make every second in Lisbon worth it!

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